Pyrrhic victory

You recovered 2% of your claim. Did you win?

So, you’ve recovered £700,000. But you were claiming £38m. Who really won?

Sir Antony Edwards-Stuart found that the claimant’s recovery in this case whilst “not, of itself, nominal … was a tiny fraction (about 2%) of the sum claimed” and amounted to, at best, a pyrrhic victory. Following an examination of various authorities on the subject of identifying the true winner in cases where the claimant has recovered a small fraction of the amount sought, he determined that the defendant should pay just 20% of the claimant’s costs.

Issues-Based Costs Orders And The Powers Of A Trial Judge Under CPR Part 36

Part 36 did not preclude a judge from making an issue-based or proportionate costs order where a claimant had only succeeded on some issues. However, the constraints of Part 36 meant that it would be reasonable to deprive a claimant all or part of their costs only if it would be unjust to order otherwise, having regard to “all the circumstances of the case”