Defective Service Of Proceedings

“The rules governing service are clear that it is the registered office or principal place of business – which appear to be one and the same in this case – which needs to be used as the postal address for service upon a limited company. I have no doubt that errors such as have occurred here are often dealt with on a practical basis by amendment in the manner attempted by the claimant’s solicitors. But there is nothing within the rules to require one party to assist the other and a practical solution does not alter the legal position. It is one which the defendant is entitled to uphold, should it wish to do so.”

Not Valid

CPR 6.27 | Invalid Service Of N252 Could Not Be Saved | DCC Set Aside

We recently reported the decision of Mr Justice Foxton in Serbian Orthodox Church – Serbian Patriarchy v Kesar & Co [2021] EWHC 1205 (QB) in which he reinstated a Default Costs Certificate despite invalid email service of the Notice of Commencement.