guideline hourly rates

New Guideline Hourly Rates Relevant To Work Done Prior To 1 October 2021

“I have taken into account the Guide to the Summary Assessment of Costs re-issued by the Master of the Rolls in September 2021 (the “Guide”) and to be used from 1 October 2021.  The guideline hourly rates in the previous guide were not ones that I would have adopted without more in any event, as is well recorded they were extremely out of date by 2021.”


The Correct Approach To Summary Assessment | Guideline Hourly Rates Up By 35%?

This appeal from a summary assessment of costs was brought on grounds that the District Judge had failed to have sufficient regard to the components of the claimant’s N260 Statement of Costs and had effectively imposed her own unilateral tariff without any calculation or proper reasoning, contrary to the Court of Appeal’s guidance in 1800 Flowers Inc v Phonenames Limited [2001] EWCA Civ 721.