The Power To Strike Out Points Of Dispute In The First-Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber)

Following the (original) Respondent’s failure to pay an interim payment as ordered by the FTT, the (original) Applicant applied for an order debarring the Respondent from relying upon its Points of Dispute and for judgment in the full amount of their costs.

Gilchrist v C & C Equine Services Ltd

Without Prejudice Offer: Admission Denied

Following our recent report on the case of Hossaini v EDS Recruitment Ltd in which the Employment Tribunal had wrongly considered and taken into a “Without Prejudice” (as opposed to a “Without Prejudice Save As To Costs” offer) when determining costs, the First Tier Tribunal has fallen into the same error. Upholding the appeal, Judge Elizabeth Cooke found that the offer should not have been disclosed and the decision on costs insofar as it turned on the fact of this offer could not stand.