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CPR 47.20(3)(b) | Can The Size Of Reduction Save A Bad Offer In Detailed Assessment Proceedings?

CPR 47.20 provides (so far as is relevant) that …

(1) The receiving party is entitled to the costs of the detailed assessment proceedings except where –

(b) the court makes some other order in relation to all or part of the costs of the detailed assessment proceedings.

(3) In deciding whether to make some other order, the court must have regard to all the circumstances, including –

(b) the amount, if any, by which the bill of costs has been reduced.

costs inclusive offers

The limitations of costs inclusive offers

A claimant awarded £5,000 in damages was entitled to recover his costs on the standard basis (budgeted at almost £129,000) following a defendant’s “inadequate” capped costs offer, a High Court judge has decided.