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Court of Appeal: Fixed Costs Do Not Apply To Appeals But QOCS Does

The Court of Appeal determined the following costs issues following a successful second appeal:

(1) Do the rules governing fixed costs in CPR r.45.17 to 19 apply to the costs of the appeal?

(2) If not, does CPR r.52.19 apply?
(3) If CPR r.52.19 does apply, what order for costs should we make?

(4) Does the Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting regime in CPR Part 44 apply to the costs of the appeal so as to limit the extent to which any order may be enforced against the respondent?


The Scope Of An Appeal From Provisional Assessment

Dismissing this appeal against a decision of Master Leonard in the SCCO Mr Justice Stewart held that pursuant to CPR 47.24, the scope of an appeal against decisions made in the course of a provisional assessment is limited to a re-hearing only of any specific decisions which had been challenged at an oral hearing. In other words, if it hasn’t first been challenged at an oral hearing pursuant to CPR 47.15(7), it cannot be appealed.