Costs budget submission deadline brought forward, Rule Committee decides

The Civil Procedure Rule Committee (CPRC) has decided to bring forward the timetable for filing costs budgets, the minutes of its 13 November 2015 meeting reveal.

Currently, CPR 3.13 states that the last possible date for filing and exchanging a costs budget is seven days before the first case management conference (CMC). However, under draft plans agreed by the CPRC at its November meeting, two alternative filing deadlines are to be imposed. For claims with a monetary value worth more than £50,000, the deadline for filing budgets has been brought forward considerably – to 21 days before the CMC. For lower value claims, budgets are to be filed even earlier – with the directions questionnaire.

It is understood that the CPRC’s decision to treat claims with a monetary value of more or less than £50,000 differently was a compromise within the Committee. Most CPRC members are believed to have favoured a 21 day deadline for all claims made within the process, while others wanted the filing deadline bought forward to an earlier time. It is not yet clear when the agreed CPR change will enter into force.


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