s68(2) Solicitors Act 1974

Master Leonard decides an application for delivery of a bill under s68(2) in a fixed costs RTA case

cost estimate

Inaccurate estimates of costs and special circumstances under s70(3) Solicitors Act 1974

Master Rowley determines that special circumstance exist by reason of a discrepancy between costs estimates provided and the costs actually billed.

Special offer

Can a without prejudice offer displace the one-fifth rule in a Solicitors Act assessment?

Interest on costs: Effect on final costs certificates

A Solicitors Act compliant statute bill must contain all disbursements incurred during the period to which it relates

The High Court has affirmed that in order to comply with the strict requirements of the Solicitors Act 1974 a statute bill must be a complete and self-contained bill for costs including all disbursements incurred during the period covered.